Odd Hero 2D Scroll game for Android e IOS

OddHero is a RPG Runner in 2D in which the main character – a nice frog – faces endless hordes of enemies to help his beloved princess. In the adventure, he can improve the equipment and stats to become powerful enough to defeat the awesome final bosses.

The game has more than 40 different enemies and 80 items to customize the character, all distributed between mage or warrior profiles, depending on the player choices. By leveling up, the player will improve and customize their stats and destructive spells.

ALE Games Studio, we love creating adventures and an unforgettable game experience. This is the reason why the game has a nice story and a charismatic characters, and you will feel that you accomplish a great task. We have strived to create  beautiful and interesting environments with differents lights for a more immersive atmosphere.